2010 CAP Medal and Award Winners

The CAP and its medal partners are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 CAP medals. Recipients have been invited to give a plenary lecture during the 2010 CAP Congress at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, from June 7-11. Please refer to the Congress program for the schedule of plenary talks by CAP medal winners. The recipients will be presented with their medals at the end of their plenary talk and will be honoured during the Congress banquet to be held on Thursday 2010 June 10th.
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The 2010 CAP-CRM Prize in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics is awarded to

Dr. Clifford Burgess, McMaster University/Perimeter Institute, in recognition of for his prolific and influential work in theoretical physics, which covers many different topics ranging from condensed matter theory to particle physics and string theory. Professor Burgess made seminal contributions in all these fields, but his most widely recognized contributions are in the areas of string and brane cosmology, where he developed interesting and pathbreaking ideas about how strings or branes can generate inflation in the early universe.

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The 2010 CAP-INO Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Photonics is awarded to

Prof. Xiaoyi Bao, University of Ottawa, in recognition of for her outstanding achievements on the physics, technology and applications of optical fiber sensors. Her contributions to distributed fiber sensors, based on Brillouin loss with simultaneous sensing of temperature and strain, and applied to the safety of structures, are of high relevance in these days of aging infrastructures.

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The 2010 CAP/DCMMP Brockhouse Medal is awarded to

Prof. Gordon W. Semenoff, University of British Columbia, in recognition of for his seminal contributions to the theory of Graphene and its massless quasiparticles. Prof. Semenoff is an internationally recognized leader in this field with an outstanding publication record whose work has shown that (quoting Philip Stamp, Director of the Pacific Institute for Theoretical Physics) “the idea that a theorist could predict all the important features of a material that did not even exist,…, and have the insight to predict in exactly which kind of system experiments should look for – this seems almost to good to be true.”.

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The 2010 CAP Medal for Excellence in Teaching Undergraduate Physics is awarded to

Dr. Marina Milner-Bolotin, Ryerson University, in recognition of for her unceasing enthusiasm in engaging students to discover physics with a masterful integration of an array of successful teaching methods, for her influence on shifting institutional culture toward active learning, for her dedication to physics education research and her commitment to the continual professional development of physics educators across the nation.

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The 2010 CAP Herzberg Medal is awarded to

Dr. Carlos Silva, Université de Montréal, in recognition of for his internationally recognized seminal contributions to the understanding of optical and electronic processes in molecular and polymeric semiconductors, and for elucidating the complex relationships between microstructure and semiconductor properties in this important new class of materials.

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The 2010 CAP Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Physics is awarded to

Dr. J. Richard Bond, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, in recognition of for his broad and fundamental contributions to cosmology and astrophysics, and his leadership which has contributed greatly to Canada's well-recognized efforts in these areas. He has developed the study of fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background into a powerful tool for the understanding of the structure and history of our universe.

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The 2010 CAP-COMP Peter Kirkby Memorial Medal for Outstanding Service to Canadian Physics was not awarded this year.

in recognition of At the recommendation of the Selection Committee for the CAP-COMP Kirkby Medal, it was decided that the Kirkby medal cycle will be shifted forward by a year such that the next medal will be awarded in 2011 and every two years thereafter..