CAP Medal and Award Winners

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) and its medal partners are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 CAP medals.

The 2024 medalists have been invited to give a plenary lecture as part of the 2024 CAP Conference program, and to receive their medals at the Medalists' Recognition Dinner in London, ON on Wednesday, May 29, 2024. Please refer to the Congress-at-a-glance for the schedule of plenary lectures by the CAP medal winners. If any of the medalists are unable to attend the conference, their medal will be presented at another mutually agreed upon time or sent to them separately after the conference.

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The 2023 Eric C. Svensson Memorial Graduate Scholarship is awarded to

Janani Balasubramanian, Ontario Tech University, in recognition of her highly original community service and her groundbreaking research supporting the development of technology to automatically diagnose blood disorders in real-time using a surface-enhanced Raman scattering-based nano-sensor. She is carrying out this research under the supervision of Dr. Nisha Agarwal at Faculty of Science, Ontario Tech University and is a recipient of Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023-2024 and Mitacs Globalink Graduate Fellowship 2023. Recently arriving in Canada, Ms. Balasubramanian participated at the 2023 CAP Congress and won the “Overall Best Poster” title and the first prize in both Division of Gender Equality in Physics and Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology at the Congress. In addition, she triumphed at the Catalyst Challenge 2023 themed ‘Accelerating Climate Action’ securing First Prize for her project focused on repurposing fallen leaves into eco-friendly paper materials. This initiative, conducted for post-secondary institutions across Canada by Brilliant Catalyst, Ontario Tech University, highlights her dedication to sustainable practices and environmental innovation. Previously, she participated in a number of interdisciplinary projects in India including winning first prize for “Fem Kit”, a polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnostic strip kit and first prize in National level Smart India Hackathon conducted by government of India. She has been and continues to be active as a mentor and teacher. Janani, who is completing her Masters Degree at Ontario Technical University, is an active researcher, having published more than 31 papers, on many of which she is one of the lead authors. Her work clearly demonstrates the application of advanced techniques based on physics to important real-world health problems. She is already a leader and ambassador for the field..

"I am deeply honoured and grateful to receive the Eric Svensson Memorial Graduate Scholarship. This recognition fuels my passion for research and community service. I extend heartfelt thanks to the donors, motivating me to continue contributing to the scientific community with dedication and enthusiasm."

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The 2021 Eric C. Svensson Memorial Graduate Scholarship is awarded to

Robin Hayes, TRIUMF / University of British Columbia, in recognition of to recognize her precision measurement of the Higgs Boson coupling to W bosons and for her outstanding service as a founding member and Co-Chair of the Equity and Inclusion group in the Physics and Astronomy Department at UBC, as Chair of the Graduate Student and Postdoc Society at TRIUMF, and as a member of TRIUMF’s 20-Year Vision committee.

"It’s exciting to be recognized by a scholarship that values contributions both to physics research and to the Canadian physics community more broadly. I greatly value both parts of being a physicist, and am honoured to receive the Eric C. Svensson Memorial Scholarship."

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