2019 CAP Lecture Tour Speaker List

Ali, Elsayed - The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

"Image-guided radiation therapy of cancer: Seeing what you are treating."

Barbi, Mauricio - University of Regina

"First observation of dinosaur skin layers using synchrotron radiation"

Beauchemin, Catherine - Ryerson U.

"Photons. Phonons. Virions? An Intro to Virophysics"

Bianucci, Pablo - Concordia U.

"Tightly squeezing light in small spaces"

Bramante, Joseph - Queen’s University

"New searches for dark matter with neutron stars, exploding white dwarfs, and multiscatter events at underground experiments"

Burke, Sarah - UBC

"No small feat: using quantum mechanics to see atoms, molecules and electrons at surfaces"

Dehnel, Morgan - D-Pace, Inc.

": An Ion Source Test Facility for Research and Industry"

Donohue, John - University of Waterloo

"The Second Quantum Revolution"

Gaur, Ankit - Niagara College

"Black holes and Baby Universe"

Hessels, Eric - York University

"Measuring the electron's electric dipole moment: Probing physics at higher energies than the LHC with a table-top experiment"

Kéna-Cohen , Stephane - Polytechnique Montréal

"Room-temperature quantum fluids of light"

Kolios, Michael - Ryerson U.

"Zeus' ThunderBolt: Using photoacoustics to probe biological structure at multiple length scales by listening to 1 to 1000 MHz ultrasound waves"

Krich, Jacob - University of Ottawa

"The quest for high efficiency solar cells: novel materials, new physics, and the solar revolution"

Kuchler, Florian - TRIUMF

"The antimatter puzzle and how searching for electric dipole moments can help solve it"

Leblanc, Lindsay - University of Alberta

"The quantum playground: an ultracold atoms apparatus and the games we can play"

McKeen, David - TRIUMF

"Dark Matter: what is it good for?"

Metchev, Stanimir - Western University

"The best extrasolar planets"

Piro, Marie-Cécile - University of Alberta

"Shedding light on Dark matter with the PICO experiment"

Pistorius, Stephen - University of Manitoba

"Turning Noise into Numbers: Innovative approaches to cancer diagnosis and optimized radiation therapy using microwaves, x-rays and gamma-rays."

Shastri, Bhavin - Queen's University

"Brain-inspired artificial intelligence (AI) hardware using light"

Shi, An-Chang - McMaster University

"Soft Matter: Where Physics Meets Chemistry and Biology"

Slater, Gary - Université d'Ottawa

"Who told you that diffusion was a dead field of investigation? Diffusing diffusivity, anomalous diffusion, aging and other surprises. / Qui vous a fait croire que la diffusion était un sujet de recherche dépassé? Diffusion diffusive, diffusion anormale, vieillissement et autres surprises."

Slater, Gary - Université d'Ottawa

"Qui vous a fait croire que la diffusion était un sujet de recherche dépassé? Diffusion diffusive, diffusion anormale, vieillissement et autres surprises. "

Steinitz, Michael - St. Francis Xavier University

"The Mechanics of Scientific Publishing, Peer Review, and Ethics in Publishing"

Viel, Simon - Carleton University

"De nouveaux détecteurs au silicium à  la recherche de la matière sombre / New silicon detectors to search for dark matter"

Wilson-Ewing, Edward - University of New Brunswick

"Quantum Gravity and the Big Bang"

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