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Dr. Morgan Dehnel

D-Pace, Inc.
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: An Ion Source Test Facility for Research and Industry


Abstract of the lecture (~300 word): The lecture will describe D-Pace (Canada) & Buckley Systems Ltd (NZ) joint Ion Source Test Facility located at the manufacturing plant in Auckland, New Zealand. It has been the locus of the R&D and final proto-type testing that has launched approximately a dozen products for particle accelerators used in discovery science, industry and medicine. The intellectual property and rights to the product technologies developed are held by D-Pace, and the bulk of the manufacturing of the final commercial products is done at Buckley Systems with final control system over-wrap occurring at D-Pace in Canada prior to shipping to customers around the globe. The lecture will also discuss the many devices developed such as focusing and steering magnets, mass spectrometers, electrostatic focusing elements, beamline systems, Faraday Cups, beam profilers based an doped-quartz fibre scintillation, beam profilers based on charge collection in metallic wires, and lastly ion sources for negative hydrogen, negative deuterium, and negative carbon ion beams. At present the Ion Source Test Facility is utilized by 3 PhD candidates for their thesis experiments. Two are from UBC in Vancouver, and 1 is from the University of Auckland in New Zealand. The PhD research of the students in the areas of (i) negative carbon ion production, (ii) negative deuterium ion production, and (iii) alpha beam production will be illustrated.

Short bio

Morgan Dehnel received his Ph.D. in Accelerator Physics from TRIUMF/UBC in 1995 for the study of axial injection systems for H¯ cyclotrons used for radioisotope production. Morgan Dehnel is the Founder of D-Pace, Inc., and is currently Chief Science and Innovation Officer. D-Pace, which is now 50% owned by Buckley Systems Ltd (NZ), has designed and manufactured equipment for the particle accelerator industry since its inception. D-Pace has maintained a strategic close connection with TRIUMF, Canada’s national particle accelerator facility. More specifically, D-Pace has licensed the following technologies from TRIUMF: filament-based 15 mA 30 keV DC H¯ ion source, solid target station, and beam diagnostic devices such as wire scanners, emittance scanners and Faraday cups. In addition, D-Pace licenses and co-develops technologies from institutions around the world, such as the University of Jyväskylä (RF H¯ ion source), University of Bern (fibre-optic wire scanner), and Seoul National University (alpha ion source). Buckley Systems Ltd manufactures D-Pace's hardware, which includes the aforementioned licensed products as well as products developed in-house, for example: Mini-PET Beamline, HEBT Beamline for BNCT, AC Scan Magnet System, 1:500 & 1:1500 Mass Spectrometer Systems, and standard/custom dipole, quadrupole, solenoid, and steering magnets.

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