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Mr. Ankit Gaur

Niagara College
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Black holes and Baby Universe


They Concept of what we now call a black hole goes back more than 200 years ago. The name black hole was invented in 1967 by American physicist John Wheeler. the first person to discuss black hole was john Michael, his idea was to compare a cannon ball fired vertical upward with escape velocity. so that it started with more than critical speed, it would never stop and would continue to move away. this critical speed is escaped velocity that is about 7 miles are second for earth and about 100 miles a second for sun. Now the question arises how black holes do are formed. Answer is related with the gravity and internal pressure within the star. These 2 things oppose each other the gravitational force of star which will cause the matter to fall inward but internal pressure of star acting outward want to cause the matter to fly outwards. When these 2 forces are balanced, the star will maintain its size, neither collapses nor expands. But when star run out of its fuel then surface tends to bound inward under the gravitational pull of the star and the star collapsed down. Let’s move towards color of black hole. the color of the black hole is not black. Because the uncertainty principle allows some of the particle to travel faster than the speed of light for very shorter distance leading to radiation leakage from event horizon loading to give off the particle away from the black hole and radiation reaching at that stage of vanishing Black holes Completely. Now if there is Black Hole, then as because Physics Laws are time symmetric. So there ought to be other things from where the objects can come out but not fall into. This is White Hole. Now, if we got

Short bio

I am Canadian Immigrant person perusing Motive Power Technician from Niagara College, Welland campus. I completed Undergraduate in BACHELOR OF SCIENCE ( PHYSICS, MATH, COMPUTER APPLICATION) from PANJAB UNIVERSITY, INDIA. In terms of Academic, I unlocked the highest and the toughest exam of india that is NATIONAL GRADUATE PHYSICS EXAMINATION organized by IAPT ( Indian Association of Physics Teachers ) in year 2017. Other than that, I participated in different college level Presentations on Physics and got several positions in some of them. During my undergraduate course, I served as a Practical Demonstrator in Physics Laboratory where my intention Is to teach the students about the practical applications of Physics, which includes Applications of waves and vibrations, Optical experiments ( like youngs Double slit experiment), applications of electronics, Oscilloscope, PNP, NPN, ZENER Diode. Apart from that, I completed my Research in Zener diode at College Level. Currently, I am serving as a President of Physics Club in Niagara College, as well as I am currently giving tutoring session to grade 12th students for Physics and Math. As a president of the Club, I have responsibility to manage the events, and must display the achievements of the club by the club

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