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The 2023 Allan Carswell Physics Educator Scholarship

is awarded to

Kara Deane

"Being chosen as a recipient is a tremendous honor. I feel sincerely grateful and excited to share the joys and wonders of physics with future students. I am committed to creating equitable, accessible opportunities in physics, and this support makes me feel like I can make a genuine difference." winner citation

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is pleased to announce that the 2023 Allan Carswell Physics Educator Scholarship is awarded to Kara Deane, University of British Columbia, in recognition of her excellent academic record and demonstrated ability in designing and delivering physics teaching activities. Additionally, she has made substantial contributions to the promotion and education of STEM subjects through her outreach and volunteer work with youth. Kara’s curiosity is what draws her to physics, and she hopes to share this with students by "[counteracting] narratives that place physics on a pedestal of impossible difficulty and [grounding] abstract concepts in the daily lives of students". announcement

I was first drawn to physics because I was profoundly curious. I was constantly and recursively asking why, always wanting to look deeper, and physics offered answers. I now understand that the power of physics is not just its ability to answer questions and satisfy curiosity, but to inspire questions and ignite curiosity. Physics is a way of experiencing the world with wonder and appreciating the astounding complexity everywhere around us.

Every student deserves the opportunity to experience physics this way, but many students face barriers to doing so. There are widespread misconceptions regarding physics which make it seem inaccessible, whether because of perceived difficulty, underrepresentation of diverse identities, or lack of awareness regarding opportunities in the field. I am becoming a teacher because I want to create opportunities for students to experience physics in a way that is joyful and exciting while building their confidence to positively engage with physics – whether in a university program or in their daily lives.

My love of sharing curiosity and reducing barriers to physics education has led to my involvement in numerous STEM outreach initiatives. I have found immense value in working with youth and draw genuine joy from getting to talk about physics every day. I am excited to continue this work as a high school teacher and am enrolled in a rural teacher education program. I intend to spend my career in rural schools, where the support from this scholarship will be particularly impactful. The intensity of the program means I won’t be able to work this year. Receiving this scholarship will alleviate financial burdens and stress so that I can dedicate myself to learning and serving my students as thoroughly and effectively as possible. nominator citation

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