2017 CAP Lecture Tour Speaker List

Boulay, Mark - Carleton University

"Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model at SNOLAB"

Corriveau, François - McGill University

"Abroad for Research?"

Corriveau, François - McGill University

"À l'étranger pour la recherche?"

Franke, Beatrice - TRIUMF

"Ultracold neutrons: from Ping Pong to the Big Bang Theory and back to the Standard Model"

Gallagher, Sarah - University of Western Ontario

"The Biggest Blowhards: Windy Supermassive Black Holes "

Greenspoon, Stanley - Capilano University

"What's New in the Search for Exoplanets and Extraterrestrial Life"

Kwiatkowski, Ania A. - TRIUMF

"Ion traps for high-precision experiments with radioactive beams"

Lewis, Randy - York University

"Exotic Hadrons"

Luican-Mayer, Adina - University of Ottawa

"Exploring flatland - designer 2D materials"

Mammei, Juliette - University of Manitoba

"Low energy searches for Physics Beyond the Standard Model "

Moutanabbir, Oussama - Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal

"From Atom to Device: The Journey of the King of Materials"

Pfeiffer, Harald - CITA, the University of Toronto

"Colliding black holes and gravitational waves: Studying the universe through fantastic messengers"

Poduska , Kris - Memorial University of Newfoundland

"Shark skin, butterfly wings, and lotus leaves: the physics of water on rough surfaces"

Shi, An-Chang - McMaster University

"Soft Matter: Where Physics Meets Chemistry and Biology"

Short, Ian - Saint Mary's University

"OpenStars: Modeling and visualizing stars with the world-wide-web"

Spencer, Locke - University of Lethbridge

"Exploring the Far-Infrared Universe, with a side order of Raspberry Pi"

Steinitz, Michael - St. Francis Xavier University

"The Mechanics of Scientific Publishing, Peer Review, and Ethics in Publishing"

Walmsley, John - StarFish Medical

"Asking the Right Questions - Product Development for Physicists"

Woodside, Michael - University of Alberta

"The Physics of Folding: Watching Structures Self-Assemble in Single Biological Molecules using Laser Tweezers"

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