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The 2024 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal for Contributions to Subatomic Physics

is awarded to

Douglas Andrew Bryman

"Experimental particle physics is a team sport and I’ve been extremely fortunate to have collaborated with highly talented and committed colleagues, postdocs, students, and technical professionals. It’s an honor to have our research work recognized by the CAP TRIUMF Vogt Medal. My close associations with TRIUMF and Erich Vogt make the award particularly meaningful to me." winner citation

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) and TRIUMF are pleased to announce that the 2024 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal for Contributions to Subatomic Physics is awarded to Douglas Andrew Bryman, UBC, in recognition of his remarkable contributions to particle physics through his work and leadership on a broad range of experiments testing fundamental phenomena at the precision frontier. announcement

Over his long career, Doug Bryman has built the world’s most comprehensive program studying rare or forbidden decays of light mesons and muons, studies which have provided stringent tests on predictions of the Standard Model and have established tight constraints on its possible extensions.

The continuing series of challenging experiments has extended the state-of-the art in mastering particle beam technologies, detector development, analysis techniques, and background and systematic error control. Many innovative contributions of Doug's teams have become gold standards throughout particle physics, including the first use of a time projection chamber in an experiment and development of the blind analysis technique to control background. He was instrumental in developing a technique for detecting ore bodies remotely using cosmic rays, which has led to a successful spin-off company. These developments have been recognized by various granting agencies worldwide throughout his career.

Doug has been a key member of many prestigious advisory panels and editorial boards worldwide, and has been recognized for his superb training of students, post-doctoral fellows, technical professionals, and researchers. He received the Panosky prize from the American Physical Society (APS) for his leadership in the discovery and measurement of K+→Π+vv at the Brookhaven National Lab, and he has been appointed an APS Fellow. A colleague of Erich Vogt’s for many decades, Doug is the J.B. Warren Chair in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and he has been a mainstay at TRIUMF since its very inception. His work embodies the deep connection between UBC and TRIUMF, and more so, the spirit behind the CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal. nominator citation

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