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The 2022 CAP/DCMMP Brockhouse Medal

is awarded to

Federico Rosei

"Receiving this award is a huge and unexpected honour. I am most grateful to collaborators, mentors, nominators and references and in particular to my group members who work hard towards our common goals. I look at my trainees with pride and inspiration." winner citation

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is pleased to announce that the 2022 CAP/DCMMP Brockhouse Medal is awarded to Federico Rosei, INRS-EMT, in recognition of his experimental work on tailoring the properties of a wide array of nanomaterials to find applications in photovoltaics, biocompatibility and self-assembling systems. announcement

Federico Rosei is an experimental physicist who studies structure-property relationships in nanomaterials, at the forefront and interface of materials physics and related disciplines. He elucidated the determining factors of structure, composition and size on the physical properties of several classes of nanomaterials including semiconductor Quantum Dots, multiferroic oxides, two-dimensional molecular assemblies and biocompatible interfaces. He developed novel strategies to control the growth of low-dimensional organic and inorganic materials from the basic and applied science’s perspectives.

His original work in designing and synthesizing on-surface conjugated conducting polymers using the Ullmann coupling reaction has had a significant impact in the field of surface polymerization and molecular self-assembly. In parallel, his group holds the world record of power conversion efficiency (8.1%) in ferroelectric photovoltaics, based on a novel concept for tuning the bandgap of multiferroic oxide thin films. His influence is international, as testified by peer recognition through numerous prestigious awards, honours and distinctions including Fellow of: the American Physical Society, the Royal Society of Canada, the European Academy of Sciences, the Academia Europaea, AAAS, Optica, SPIE, American Ceramic Society, ASM International; as well as: Khwarizmi International Award (Iran); TMS Brimacombe Medal; APS John Wheatley Award; Blaise Pascal Medal (European Academy of Sciences); Bessel Award (Humboldt Foundation); Herzberg Medal (Canadian Association of Physicists 2013); Rutherford Medal (Royal Society of Canada); NSERC Steacie Fellowship; Prix du Quebec “Marie Victorin”.

In addition to his outstanding research, he is renowned for mentoring young scientists through his widely-attended “Survival Skills for Scientists” workshops, manifested in his best-selling book of the same title. He also established a UNESCO Chair that focuses on sharing knowledge and capacity building in renewable energies in the South. He is a champion of equity, diversity and inclusion through his exceptional mentoring efforts of women and young scholars from all over the world. nominator citation

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