2022 Medal Winners | francais

The 2022 Allan Carswell Physics Educator Scholarship

is awarded to

Éloïse Faehndrich

"Truly I feel honoured to be a recipient. Winning this scholarship feels like both a gift to be treasured and a responsibility to be fulfilled. I'm so excited to start walking alongside students and together look around at this beautiful and crazy and unbelievable world we live in and invite them into the art of asking questions." winner citation

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is pleased to announce that the 2022 Allan Carswell Physics Educator Scholarship is awarded to Éloïse Faehndrich, UBC, in recognition of her excellent academic record as well as her proven passion for and skill at physics and physics pedagogy. She has done outstanding work over the years with young people, providing her with invaluable experience that will serve her well in her future career in education. Éloïse cites the love of mystery as one of the things that drew her to physics. As a teacher, she hopes to "engage students in that aspect of learning where mystery meets wonder.’'. announcement

When I was a kid my dream job was to be a detective. I loved solving mysteries; fitting puzzle pieces together to figure out problems. All my birthday parties consisted of detective-themed scavenger hunts, with invitations written in morse code or invisible lemon juice. Unravelling mysteries enthralled me.

While I no longer dream of being a detective, that love of mysteries is what drew me to physics. Physics explores things that are on the edge of human knowledge; it maps out the unknown regions on the atomic as well as cosmic level. The fact that an oscillating electromagnetic wave/particle emitted from stars millions of years ago can teach us so much about the universe, is simply astounding. Physicists are truly detectives at their finest: collecting clues from every nook of the universe and piecing them together to paint a picture of how this world works.

To me, the beginning of solving any mystery, or any problem, is learning; is education. It is the foundation of putting together a puzzle. You must both know what pieces you have, and also figure out how to connect them. I want to be a teacher so that I can engage students in that aspect of learning where mystery meets wonder. I want to invite students into the art of asking questions.

The Dr. Allan Ian Carswell Scholarship will enable me to do this. My desire is to apply all that I learn from my professors to my practicum. I want to learn to implement intriguing lesson plans and get students excited about physics. In order to be fully present to this program, I will not have the capacity to work alongside school this year. This scholarship would give me the time and space to become the best physics teacher I can be. nominator citation

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