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The 2021 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Quebec and Nunavut)

is awarded to

Nadia Renzo

"I humbly admit that I didn't believe it at first. When my colleague nominated me last year, I chuckled a bit and said I was too young to get such an honor. So my first reaction was to completely freeze. Then I laughed! But after the initial emotional shock, I was very moved to see the enthusiasm of the CPA committee for my nomination. I consider myself to be passionate about physics and I am honored that the CPA would recognize my love for the subject and its teaching. Many people think it is the most dry and technical science, but I think it is by far the most fun! This nomination has motivated me to go even further in my demonstrations and even to revisit some of my classics. As a future project, I would like to eventually build a bank of out of the ordinary experiments to share with young teachers who are starting out in the adventurous world of teaching high school physics." winner citation

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is pleased to announce that the 2021 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Quebec and Nunavut) is awarded to Nadia Renzo, Collège Saint-Louis, to recognize her passion and dedication to teaching physics and her commitment to real-world physics demonstrations and extra-curricular activities. announcement

Nadia Renzo has been teaching grade 5 physics at Collège Saint-Louis since 2008. Known for her boundless energy, boundless creativity and warm humour, she paints epic frescoes for her students as they discover Newton, Galileo and many others. A lover of the history of science, she fills her classes with anecdotes that do justice to the place of women in science, but also touch on the more human aspect of the great physicists. Far from limiting herself to theoretical speeches, this action-oriented teacher conceives ever more extravagant demonstrations, from the demonstration of Newton's three laws with Mario Kart - with competition to back it up - to her famous bowling ball on the ceiling that has become the most convincing (and feared) of clocks. By the way, don't be surprised to see her standing on her desk playing bass guitar in front of the students' astonished eyes: she is explaining acoustics.

Ms. Renzo believes that physics is part of everyday life and encourages her students to see it that way. During the final lab evaluations, they are free to do any mechanical physics experiment they can imagine. It inspires them so much that no one at Collège Saint-Louis questions it anymore when they see one of them launching a parachute from the 3rd floor catwalk with a stopwatch in hand.

And let's not forget all the extracurricular activities she leads, from the science fair to robotics to the annual rock show! Mrs. Renzo is the colorful whirlwind of the school that leads her students and colleagues on a thousand and one adventures. One thing is certain: she leaves indelible traces of her physics class in the hearts of her students, who still remember them years later. nominator citation

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