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The 2020 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Prairies and Northwest Territories)

is awarded to

Ryan Beck

"I set my heart on the CAP award in 2012 and worked at it since then because I see it as the highest honour a high school physics teacher can achieve. It has been my goal to become a teacher worthy of this honour because that is the minimum my amazing students deserve." winner citation

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is pleased to announce that the 2020 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Prairies and Northwest Territories) is awarded to Ryan Beck, Chinooks Edge School Division, in recognition of for presenting multiple opportunities to keep physics relevant and accessible to students, a very wide and diverse practice is achieving grants for educating students, and the effort he has put in getting students into the wider world applying physics. announcement

Ryan is deserving of recognition for his tireless efforts in promoting physics education and science education in general at Sundre High School. In addition, he has made a tremendous impact on the character of the school by developing numerous non-science and extra-curricular programs at the school and in the community.

Remarkable intelligence and knowledge, along with 18 years of science teaching experience, equip him to engage and motivate students to academic success in physics. His expertise is underlined by the fact that Ryan was requested as a member of committees for Alberta Education for Diploma exam item-writing, PD development, and curriculum design. He has also been hired by the Perimeter Institute to help develop teacher resources for Alberta.

Beyond thoroughly understanding the material and presenting it in an understandable manner to students, Ryan has worked hard to his student's engagement in learning physics. He acquired 5 grants totalling $50,000 to purchase materials and equipment that have greatly augment students hands-on understanding. He led students on several field trips to West Edmonton Mall to experience live physics, and most recently coordinated and mentored a group of 12 grade 10-12 students in developing a winning proposal to gain beam time on at the CLS Synchrotron at the University of Saskatchewan. This project has been over a year in duration, and has generated interest and excitement from students, parents, teachers, media, and members of the wider community.

Ryan is also very committed to ongoing professional development. He recently attended the Perimeter Institute Einstein Plus conference, participated in Schrodinger's class at the Institute for Quantum Computing, and was a presenter at the Southwestern Alberta Teachers Convention on "Black Holes and the Event Horizon Telescope".

His contribution to education in Sundre doesn't end with Science. Ryan founded and facilitates a Leo club,a student service club that has been internationally recognized for its work in Sundre on gender and equality issues. nominator citation

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