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The 2011 CAP Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Physics

is awarded to

See L. Chin

"I am thankful to this land of fairness where I had the opportunity and freedom to be taught and helped by many, to dream, to develop, to promote my idea, to collaborate with others, to open up to the world, to try to excel and to be recognized. Thank you, CAP, for crystallizing this spirit of Canada." winner citation

The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is pleased to announce that the 2011 CAP Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Physics is awarded to See L. Chin, Université Laval, in recognition of for his outstanding contributions to ultrafast intense laser science. announcement

Professor Chin has been a pioneer in the area of ultrafast intense lasers, and is now a world-renowned leader in the field. Not only is he known for the very impressive volume of his scientific work, but also for his first-rate discoveries and results. For example, some may know him because of his discovery of intense optical field ionization, while others know of his research on various phenomena related to filamentation, and still others will know him for his studies of multiphotonic absorption processes. Even so, all agree on the innovative nature of his research, and on the impact of his findings. Similarly, all praise his willingness to share these results with the international community. He is always willing to present the results of his research at his field’s most highly regarded international forums, which explains why he is an honorary guest lecturer at East China Normal University (Shanghai) and has been an honorary faculty advisor at Jiaotong University (Shanghai) since 2004.

It would be impossible to describe here all the facets, elements, and contributions of our colleague’s career. Every letter of reference highlights his scientific leadership. His contribution to the training of highly qualified personnel is well above that of the average researcher: nearly one doctoral degree and more than one Masters’ degree are granted under his supervision each year. His influence within the Canadian scientific community is illustrated by his participation in numerous collaborative projects. Remember that he was a key player in the creation of the Institut national d’optique [INO] in Quebec City, an institution which reflects Prof. Chin’s efforts in that its influence extends well beyond our borders, as does that of a great many of his collaborations with researchers in several laboratories. nominator citation

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