2023 CAP Lecture Tour Schedule

This year, the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Undergraduate Lectures will be offered in a virtual format from January 27th to March 24th. Each talk will be hosted by a CAP Member Department. The six confirmed speakers and event dates are shown in the table. Click on the titles below to see the abstract, biographical notes, promotional video (if available), and links to the CAPhys YouTube livestream site when available. Please note that the table can be sorted by clicking on the column headers. More lectures may be added; please visit back regularly for updates.

NOTE: The lecture and speaker information are available in the language of the talk only.

Student attendees in Zoom will have the opportunity to stay and meet with the speaker immediately following the talk.

Use the mouse in the header to sort on that column.
Date Link for online talk Speaker Title
Fri, 27-Jan-2023 12:30 pm ESTyoutu.be/7QGeJlnAz-ADr. Cliff BurgessThinking Effectively About Gravity (the view from below)
Tue, 07-Feb-2023 6:00 pm ESTyoutu.be/tGRXk3qkXlUProf. Rowan ThomsonCuring cancer with physics: Multiscale modeling from patients to cells
Wed, 15-Feb-2023 11:00 am ESTyoutu.be/m8-GqXKriS4Prof. Stefanie CzischekNeuromorphic hardware and its role in quantum technologies
Thu, 02-Mar-2023 3:30 pm ESTyoutu.be/ZWjoOLcMVUAProf. Els PeetersThe exciting new science with the James Webb Space Telescope.
Tue, 21-Mar-2023 5:30 pm EDTyoutu.be/JCgkdu6lhRQDr. Andy KubikA Universe-Wide Mystery: What is Dark Matter and How Might We Detect It?
Fri, 24-Mar-2023 11:30 am EDTyoutu.be/1247KljnpmkProf. Thomas BakerL’entropie en physique quantique (sans la mort de l’univers)