2021 CAP Lecture Tour Schedule

This year, the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Undergraduate Lectures will be offered in a virtual format from February 8th to March 20th (one talk per week). The six confirmed speakers and event dates are shown in the table. Click on the titles below to see the abstract, biographical notes, promotional video (if available), and links to the CAPhys YouTube livestream site. Please note that the table can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

NOTE: The talk and speaker information is available in the language of the talk only.

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Date Link for online talk Speaker Title
Mon, 08-Feb-2021 4:00 pm ESTyoutu.be/8EhF_S5l5eQDr. Stephanie SimmonsThe International Race For A Quantum Computer
(sous-titrage/questions en français disponibles)
Tue, 16-Feb-2021 4:00 pm ESTyoutu.be/bA6OSDI61h4Dr. Samantha LawlerPlanet 9 or Planet Nein? Discoveries in the Outer Solar System
(sous-titrage/questions en français disponibles)
Wed, 24-Feb-2021 4:00 pm ESTyoutu.be/K3UXTzYtnAkDr. James ChowMonte Carlo Simulation and Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Therapy and Medical Imaging
(sous-titrage/questions en français disponibles)
Thu, 04-Mar-2021 4:00 pm ESTyoutu.be/rRBwqSWHQ2ADr. Adina Luican-MayerPlongée dans le monde des atomes à  la découverte des matériaux quantiques
(English captioning/questions available)
Fri, 12-Mar-2021 4:00 pm ESTyoutu.be/ecHaoZVWRsYMs. Laura-Isabelle Dion-BertrandCareer Opportunities in Physics - What to do Next?'
(sous-titrage/questions en français disponibles)
Sat, 20-Mar-2021 4:00 pm EDTyoutu.be/7zJcOXcLU-MDr. Andrew RutenbergThe Physics of Aging and Death
(sous-titrage/questions en français disponibles)