2022 CAP Lecture Tour Speaker List

de Sousa, Rogério - University of Victoria

"From Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Computers"

Hewitt , Kevin - Dalhousie University

"CanPhysCounts: The first national EDI survey of the Canadian physics community (joint presentation with Anastasia Smolina, University of Toronto)"

Ipek, Seyda - Carleton University

"Why Are We Here? -- Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry Of The Universe"

Mermut, Ozzy - York University

"Biophotonics: Shedding Light on Biosensory Disorders and Age-Related Degenerative Diseases"

Rosei, Federico - INRS

"Quel type d’énergie pour l’avenir de l’humanité? / What type of Energy for the future of humanity?"

Wiegert, Paul - The University of Western Ontario

"Asteroids: why they are so interesting, and why we worry about them"

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