2018 CAP Lecture Tour Speaker List

Boudoux, Caroline - Polytechnique Montréal

"Light at Heart - Fiber optics from laboratory to market"

Burgess, Jacob - University of Manitoba

"The Atomic Dance"

Caden, Erica - SNOLAB

"What we don't know about neutrinos!"

Cami, Jan - Western University

"The Search for Life in the Universe"

Clark, Ken - Queen's University

"Dark Matter: How to Hunt for the Unknown"

Dasgupta, Arundhati - University of Lethbridge

"Quantum Field Theory with Star Operators"

Erlandson, Andrew - Canadian Nuclear Laboratories Ltd. / Carleton University

"Muon Tomography: Putting particle physics to work for nuclear safety and security"

Gorel, Pierre - SNOLAB

"Digging into Mysteries: the Search for Dark Matter at SNOLAB."

Greenspoon, Stanley - Capilano University, emeritus

"What's New in the Search for Exoplanets and Extraterrestrial Life"

Grégoire, Thomas - Carleton University

"Looking beyond the Standard Model with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)"

Hall, Patrick - York University

"Surveying the Universe"

Irwin, Judith - Queen's University

"Feedback, Flares, Fountains and Flows -- How Galaxies Refuse to Sit Still"

Jamieson, Blair - University of Winnipeg

"Can neutrinos solve the mystery of missing anti-matter in the universe?"

Kim, Na Young - University of Waterloo, Institute for Quantum Computing

"Quantum Innovation Laboratory"

Koffas, Thomas - Carleton University

"A new paradigm for a new era: The ITk detector for the High-Luminosity LHC at CERN"

Luke, Graeme - McMaster University

"Exotic Probes and Extreme Conditions Reveal New States of Quantum Matter"

McKenzie, Iain - TRIUMF and Simon Fraser University

"Probing Materials with Nuclear Techniques: What Can Spin-Polarized Radioactive Probes Tell Us About the Behaviour of Matter at the Microscopic Level?"

Ménard, Jean-Michel - University of Ottawa

"Ultrafast terahertz spectroscopy of quantum materials"

Ménard, Jean-Michel - Université d'Ottawa

"Spectroscopie térahertz ultra-rapide des matériaux quantiques"

Morris, Stephen - University of Toronto

"The subtle physics of icicles"

Pogosian, Levon - Simon Fraser University

"The Accelerating Universe: Lambda, W and Beyond"

Radchenko, Valery - TRIUMF

"Production and application of medical radionuclides at TRIUMF"

Rosei, Federico - INRS

"What type of Energy for the future of humanity?"

Scorza, Silvia - SNOLAB

"Whispers in the Dark "

Shi, An-Chang - McMaster University

"Soft Matter: Where Physics Meets Chemistry and Biology"

Spencer, Locke - University of Lethbridge


Stamps, Robert - University of Manitoba

"Magnetics with a twist"

Steinitz, Michael - St. Francis Xavier University

"The Mechanics of Scientific Publishing, Peer Review, and Ethics in Publishing"

Viel, Simon - Carleton University

"À la recherche de la matière sombre / A Search for Dark Matter"

Yen, Stanley - TRIUMF

"Neutrinos from an exploding star"

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