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Prof. Daniel F. V. James

University of Toronto

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Quantum Science and Technology in Canada and beyond


In the last quarter of a century Quantum Science has rapidly evolved from a niche topic of research in fundamental physics into a burgeoning technological revolution. The last few months have seen some exciting announcements of the attainment of important technical milestones, as well as growing recognition both in governmental and industrial sectors of the potential impact of this field. In this lecture I aim to give an accessible introduction to this field, and describe some of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Short bio

Professor James is the Director of the Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control and a Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto. He has been actively engaged in quantum information research for over a quarter of a century, and among his accomplishments are the first ever experimental demonstration of deterministic quantum state teleportation and development of the now-standard technique of quantum state tomography for estimating the quantum state of a system of qubits.

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