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2006 CAP Medal for Excellence in Teaching

will be awarded to

Dr. Peter Williams

"I am very honoured to receive this award and I would like to thank both the nominators and the selection committee. I would also like to thank the CAP for supporting and highlighting the importance of good teaching through this medal."

Dr. Peter WilliamsThe Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is pleased to announce that the 2006 CAP Medal for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to Dr. Peter Williams, Acadia University, for his overall, accomplished contributions to teaching. Peter has developed and taught a great diversity of courses, has shown innovation in the classroom and has published a number of articles in teaching journals. Peter has a clear desire to provide his students with an exceptional learning experience and there is strong evidence, from the received testimonials, that his teaching has had a significant impact on the lives and career choices of his students. Peter devotes significant efforts to improving secondary and post-secondary physics education in Atlantic Canada. Teaching is obviously Peter's focus

Peter Williams makes a strong and positive influence on those lives he touches. He is one of those rare individuals who can effectively combine the best of technology enhanced educational techniques while maintaining a strong personal approach to teaching. He has played a critical role in the development of studio physics modes of instruction at Acadia University. He has developed several innovative courses, including most recently a Physics of Music course at Acadia. Furthermore, he has provided regional, national and international leadership in new modes of physics teaching through his writing and presentations, and set an exemplary model for applying research methodology to evaluation of the effectiveness of different modes of physics instruction. Through his classes students have learned that physics can be exciting, interesting, powerful and fun.

The CAP's Medal for Excellence in Teaching Physics was introduced in 1996 and has been awarded annually since. Dr. Williams will receive the 2006 Prize during the CAP's awards banquet to be held in St. Catharines on June 13th, 2006.

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